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The Board is made up of elected eight members who oversee the activities of our Chapter. The Newsletter Editor is appointed by the Board. There are many ways you can actively participate in San Diego AEP outside of the Chapter Board, including volunteering at events, presenting at luncheons or at CEQA training, and serving on a program committee. We are always in need of photographers at luncheons and other events, or someone to help with greeting and registration. Whether it is a one-time commitment to an ad hoc committee or a more permanent position, there is room for active participation by each of our members.

Please contact us if you want to be involved.


Interested in joining the AEP board? Board elections take place every November. Chapter Director is a two-year term position. All other board positions are one-year terms. Expectations for being an officer are as follows:

  1. Any candidate running for office must be a full member in good standing.
  2. An Officer of the Board has to maintain membership in AEP throughout the duration of his/her term.
  3. Elected officers will attend Chapter board meetings (held monthly).
  4. Each officer shall preside over their office in a manner consistent with the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.
  5. The elected board members assume their duties on January 1, for a one-year term.

Click here to download chapter bylaws which outline the roles and responsibilities for board positions.


Katie Laybourn
Harris & Associates

Corinne Lytle Bonine
Chapter Director
Chambers Group

Melanie Tylke
Vice President of Membership
County of San Diego, DGS

Natalie Smith
Co-Vice President of Programs
Michael Baker

Janelle Firoozi
Co-Vice President of Programs

Libby Fortin
Communications Director
Chambers Group

Emily Pacholski

Erin Phillips
Newsletter Editor

Kelsey Hawkins
Student Membership and Outreach Director
Harris & Associates

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