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Awards and Scholarship Banquet 2023

Congratulations to Robin Ellam, Peaceibisa Jack for winning our Student Scholarships. Plus congratulations to Layla Gonzales, Eden Shulman, Diego Garcia-Navarro, and Keenan DePaz for winning the Diversity in the Environmental Profession Student Scholarship.

Plus congratulations to our award winners:

  • Outstanding Environmental Analysis Document – ND, MND, or EA Presented to RECON Environmental and the County of San Diego for the Organic Materials Ordinance Update
  • Outstanding Innovation in Resilient or Sustainable Planning and Design Presented to City of San Diego, Ascent, and EPIC for the Climate Action Implementation Plan
  • Outstanding Planning Document  – Plan, Policy, or Ordinance Presented to the County of San Diego, Planning & Development Services and Michael Baker International for the Campo Road Corridor Revitalization Specific Plan
  • Outstanding CEQA Streamlining Presented to the City of Oceanside and Dudek for the Ocean Creek Sustainable Communities Environmental Assessment
  • Outstanding Contribution to the Environmental Profession Presented to LeAnn Carmichael

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Legislative Updates

The California AEP has an active Legislative Committee and Lobbyist to closely track and respond to proposed CEQA legislation. The goal of the Legislative Committee is to influence pending legislation in a positive and meaningful manner. Click here for a summary and analysis of ongoing legislation provided by the California AEP

Job Postings

AEP supports both employers and candidates networking for Employment advertisements can be posted on the State AEP website for a fee. Visit San Diego Chapter's LinkedIn page to post and read local announcements about networking and employment opportunities. Click here to visit the employment page of the State AEP website.

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